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Easter on Ibiza: what to do

What to do at Easter in Ibiza?
Holy Week in Ibiza is synonymous with holidays. This is period when the summer season usually starts. It is the first major holiday period and the island already welcomes national and international tourists.

This year Semana Santa (Easter week) coincide with the beginning of April. It is a time when the sun is already striking strongly. Perhaps it is still a bit cold to take a swim in the sea, but many people already enjoy the sun relaxing on the sand.

We have already left winter behind! Ibiza does not have a more magnetic claim than its incredible beaches, which at this season are already beginning to prepare to receive thousands of people over the following months.
Easter is the best period to visit the most famous beaches of Ibiza without worrying about large amounts of tourists. Now you will find practically empty coves and it is worth going to Las Salinas, Platges den Comte or Cala Bassa to enjoy them in peace. In August, these landscapes are too crowded.

Now that the day has lengthened after the time change in March, you feel like spending the whole afternoon on the street. If you are one of those who likes to make the most of the day, you will surely enjoy an Ibizan sunset. In San Antonio, many bars and terraces have already begun to open. We recommend you to check out one of our sunset tours for better experience!

It does not matter if you are a Catholic or a convinced atheist. One of the most beautiful Holy Weeks in Spain is celebrated in Ibiza, because here it is not celebrated the same way as in the rest of the Peninsula. However, the island boasts one of the most beautiful routes to see the processions. It is worth going to Dalt Vila to see how the steps advance through its steep and narrow streets. Holy Week in Ibiza is special because of its beautiful old town, although you can choose to walk these streets during the day as well.
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