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Food specialties on Ibiza at Easter

What to eat on Ibiza at Easter?

During Semana Santa, the Ibizan kitchens are filled with the aroma of mint and anise, and the dishes have the intense yellow tones of the country eggs and the white freshness of the homemade cheese.

The best-known traditional dish for Easter on Ibiza is cuinat, made mainly with vegetables (in Spanish known as collejas). In the most authentic restaurants on the island they still offer it on these dates.

Desserts are also one of the delicacies typical of Holy Week. In Ibiza, the best known is fláo (or flaón), a cheesecake with mint. Its flavour is excellent and it can be found on the dessert menu of many Ibizan restaurants at Easter.

As you have seen, Easter in Ibiza is a good time to enjoy many of its charms. Contact us, and we will help you to organise the vacation of your dream!
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